Baccarat History

The word Baccarat is derived from an Italian phrase meaning Zero in French. Several controversies had popped up regarding the origination theories of Baccarat. The source of Baccarat game is not yet well established. On the other hand, many individuals deem that the origin of Baccarat dates back to the medieval age. However, a few gaming experts disagree to this origin fact and say that it was initially played through Tarot Deck.

Baccarat was first brought in France in 1940 AD. At that time, it was considered as an illegal game, and hence people played the game secretly. Later, it was declared as an authorized game. However, Baccarat game was being taxed and returns were mostly used for the growth of poorer sector of the economy. Later, during the kingdom of Louis-Phillipe and Napoleon, the game was banned and when it was made permissible after a few years, it gained huge popularity amongst casino players in the France.

The original Baccarat version made a unique entrance into France and found an eternal home amongst the French gambling aristocrats. The game moved on, and at present, there are four new variations of Baccarat available such as American, European, Chemin de Fer, and Baccarat en Banque.

However, it is still unclear as when was Baccarat introduced into American casinos. A few people believe that, it has been introduced originally at a casino called ‘Sands’ located in Las Vegas in 1959. Tommy Renzoni, a casino owner, from Cuba, bought the game to Las Vegas. The game was originally adapted from Chemin de Fer, a French version of Baccarat and was later on arrived in Cuba thru Argentina. However, today Baccarat game has marked a stable presence over the Internet through its online version.

When Baccarat game was launched after undergoing certain changes, it gained huge popularity amongst casino players in United Kingdom. The game gained more exposure, especially when the son of Queen Victoria was caught under serious Baccarat problems. Within a while, Baccarat was approved around the world and people began to play it for fun and money.

As Baccarat started gaining mass popularity, eventually it was publicized all across the world in the 20th century. At present, a lot of casinos offer Baccarat games along with various complimentary things such as amazing dress codes, fashionable settings to attract gamblers.

Gamblers across the world are getting fascinated towards this lucrative game. In addition, Baccarat is now one of the most popular casino games in the entire U.S.

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