Here is our quick guide to getting started with online blackjack:

Choose a table

Select a suitable table for playing Blackjack. If you are a first time Blackjack player, then you need to keep certain things in mind. As such, keep a track of various details at each table you advance. Here, the most important thing is to get familiar with the sign to announce betting limits. In addition, the maximum and minimum allowable bets have to be stated over tabletop.

Next, you need to look for the table that can accommodate your bet size. Generally, tables of low limit are crowded. Besides, the betting signs in many casinos are coded with colors to correspond minimum bets posted at the table such as $5 for red, $25 for green, and $100 for black.

First time Blackjack players normally play the shoe game, as it uses six or eight decks. Here, the advantage that a first time player gets is that all cards are hold face-up, whereas, the trader helps with the decisions and queries of players.

Buying Chips

After occupying the seat at a respective Blackjack table, the next thing is to buy chips. An ideal amount for buying chips is around 10 to 20 times of the average bet. If you bet for $5, then your buy-in amount is $50-$100. Do not offer cash in the trader’s hand. Instead, place the cash over your table.

The trader will then pick up the cash and exchange it for betting chips of the same denominations. The trader will exchange the total cash, then push the betting chips towards you on the table, and finally drop the amount in a slot available at tabletop.

Colors of the chips are distinct. For instance, $1 chip is usually white in color, whereas $1 tokens are silver in color. Some casinos offer $2.50 chip of pink color. Accordingly, colors of chips above $100 vary. Purple is the common preference for $500 chips.

Thus, check your chips for knowing the exact betting values. Here, the traders will solve all your questions, as it is their duty to offer help to players for getting acquainted with the game.

Placing a Bet

Look for a box or circle on your Blackjack table to place the bets and lay your preferred bet in one specific stack in a circle. Suppose you prefer to place bets on multiple denominations, lay with chips of high amount at the stack’s bottom and low value chips at the top.

After the cards are dealt, you cannot touch the bet in circle. However, if you wish to know the invested amount on your bets for splitting or doubling, the trader will help in the task of counting the chips.

After the completion of a hand, the trader moves around the table, pays the winner, and collects the chips from players who have lost their bets. Once the trader pays you, you are eligible for removing the chips from the circle to place another bet.

It you wish to continue the winnings, then form a chips stack from multiple chip stacks present on the table, but only after trader pays you. Nevertheless, always remember to lay high value chips at the bottom.

Cashing In

If you wish to quit the game, carry the chips at the cash counter for exchanging them to cash. Here, for example, if you are having chips of lower denomination, the trader will prefer for coloring your chips. This in simple terms means exchanging the chips of lower denominations to obtain chips of greater denominations.

In addition, it is better to wait for the hands to end. Then push the chips out in between betting boxes to avoid confusion. Next, the trader counts the chips and will then return you a small chips stack of same denominations.

Now, you may take this chips stack at the cash counter to exchange it for cash. Moreover, you can also take this chips stack to some other Blackjack table in that casino, if you wish to play more.

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